Monday, May 26, 2014

Today I went and had permanent makeup to my face. My eyebrows, my eyeliner and I had by eyelashes dyed. the bottom line of the eyeliner was the most painful. She'll finish the bottom lashes when I go back in 6 weeks for a touch up.

My eyes are a little swollen.

So, I've had a lot of mental crap going on in my mind. I've been hospitalized, and going to  an outpatient therapy facility. I've been diagnosed with Boarderline Personalized  Disorder. You can look it up and read what it means. To me, what it means to me is a lifetime of hospitals and therapy. A good good book to read if called I love you, Don't leave me.

I'm pretty upset with the diagnose. I plan on talking with my therapists tomorrow. I'll write and let the my friends know what is said tomorrow.

Until my next entry!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I'm here!

So, here's my first blog post. Right now I'm working on the blog and have lots to due so I just came up with a simple version right now. The side section I wrote kind of gives you a little teaser of what I've been going thru. I do promise to do more.